About Tiki Trackers

About Tiki Trackers

Tiki Trackers are the 'database' component of the open source Tiki collaboration web platform. With Trackers you can easily build web forms and reports to manage your data online with zero programming knowledge. The focus of this website is to explain the core functions and features of Tiki Trackers so that you can build your own web application and start managing your data better.

Why Tiki Trackers?

  1. Almost all other software that promotes databases are typically limited to that core function of databases, while Tiki is a complete solution as it has File Galleries, Articles, Wiki pages, calendars and more.
  2. Tiki is FLOSS (Free / Libre / Open Source Software) 100% FREE.
  3. Completely configurable and flexible to enhance as your company grows

Tiki.org is actively developed since 2002 - https://www.openhub.net/p/tikiwiki