Tiki Trackers Features

Key Tiki Trackers Features

Tiki Trackers are Open Source and supported by the Tiki Community - the software is actively developing and evolving every day.

Tiki Trackers are a browser-based application. You can deploy it to your local intranet, both online or offline, depending on your business needs. Overall, Tiki is equipped with thousands of features and configuration options. Tiki Trackers are one of the key components of Tiki which enable you to build various types of web applications for many industries. These are some of the key features of Tiki Trackers.

  1. Web Based
  2. Mobile Ready
  3. Free / Libre / Open Source
  4. Secure Platform
  5. Unlimited Configurations

Features Trackers

Web Forms

Tiki Trackers let you create unlimited amounts of custom web forms for both internal or external (e.g. public) web sites. There are more than 40 types of fields to choose from such as text field, drop down menus, radio buttons, number fields, date and time fields, and, even fields which connect multiple independent trackers.

User Groups

Tiki Trackers can be assigned directly to User Groups to add, view and modify the data submitted using web forms. This allows you to securely control who has access to each Tracker so you can create trackers both for within your organization (e.g. your teams) and also for your clients, partners, suppliers, etc.

Search & Sort

Tiki Trackers are equipped with a powerful 'Unified Search Index' which saves time and server resources when locating the information you need. Searching Tracker is by traditional keywords while sorting can be many ways - ascending, descending, creation date, etc.


Tracker Calendar, a combination of Trackers plus Tiki Calendars, allows Tracker entries to be displayed as a Gantt chart for easier visual interpretation of scheduling. While another quicker and simpler option for scheduling requirements is to use the standard 'Date and Time Picker' field.


Tiki Trackers are highly configurable, starting with creating the initial Tracker and building the data fields for the web form, all the way through to 'listing' a Tracker, e.g. displaying a report of the entries on a web page. Real-time database web forms can be configured for virtually any industry or organization.

Import Export

Tiki Trackers offers advanced data import and export features via the visual Tracker Tabular feature. It allows you to import / export data from your spreadsheets and other applications by industry standard CSV format. Full, partial or custom exports give administrators total control to better manage time and bandwidth.


Trackers can automate many different processes. Examples include: changing the status of entries, email alerts, modifying or removing old data, sending updates to team members, time triggers and much more. The automation features of Trackers will reduce repetitive manual work, saving valuable time and increasing your organization's efficiency.


Generate statics and reports using the data collected with Tiki Trackers. Whether you prefer pre-configured reports, reports with filtering on-the-go, or summarized Pivot Tables, Gantt charts, state of the art statistics and analytics reports help you analyze data and make informed decisions to improve your organizational performance.